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Medallion Bank provides financing for the customers of non-prime recreation dealers, home improvement contractors and healthcare providers. In addition, we make commercial asset-based loans and our affiliate Medallion Funding is one of the leading financiers of taxicab medallions in major metropolitan areas. Please contact us as described below.







Current Consumer Loan Customers

Your loan with Medallion Bank is serviced and collected by our servicing partner, System and Services Technologies, Inc (SST). SST specializes in servicing loans for lenders across the country.

For more information about your existing loan, please contact SST.

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SST Phone Number:(866) 935-4479

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Recreation Lending
Medallion Bank is the nation's leading non-prime recreation lender and provides recreation financing to bank-approved dealers across the country.

Home Improvement Lending
Medallion Bank is the prime-credit, installment loan choice for replacement and home improvement contractors throughout the United States.

Taxi Medallion Lending
Existing CustomersNew Applicants
Contact:Will OsbornContact:Michael Kowalsky
Phone:(718) 247-0276Phone:(212) 328-2137

Asset Based Lending
Existing CustomersNew Applicants
Contact:Connie MitchkoContact:Jerry Grossman
Phone:(212) 328-2177Phone:(212) 328-2124

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