Offering financing and getting approvals for your customers is a key component of your success as a home improvement contractor. We’ve noticed when contractors get busy, they sometimes rush through the credit application process. Obviously your time is extremely valuable and credit applications can seem tedious… but carefully filling out an application could be the difference between an approval and a denial.
Here are a few tips to help you throughout the credit application process. By following these recommendations, you’ll make the process much smoother and faster.


  • Gross Monthly Income: Make sure to list all individual gross monthly income on the credit application. This is an important distinction from household income. If you have two applicants living in the home, you can improve your chances of approval by getting both applicants on the credit application. And remember… gross is the most! We want to know their monthly income before taxes, insurance, 401(k), etc.
  • Other Income: If a customer is on a fixed income (like a pension), make sure they don’t just list the amount deposited into their bank (net). Pensions normally have taxes withheld, so we’ll want the gross amount. When it comes to other income, don’t just ask if they have additional income. Ask specific questions like:
    • Do you have rental income?
    • Do you have an additional part-time job?
    • Do you have any retirement funds or VA benefits?
  • Spell Check: It may seem simple, but spelling errors often result in longer decision times. So take your time on those credit applications and be as accurate as possible to help reviewers move through the information faster.
  • Clear stipulations first. To help avoid issues at funding, we recommend clearing all stipulations prior to beginning the work on the project. Our goal is to help get you paid as soon as possible when you’ve completed a home improvement project for your customers.


Credit applications with accurate information help our team provide fast approvals. However, we know some situations are complicated, so feel free to reach out to us for support. When you call in, you’ll talk to a real person who can answer your questions. We’ll help you collect the right information and submit the application accurately so it can be decisioned properly.