Helping Your Customers Find the Right RV

Buying a recreational vehicle (RV) is similar to buying a car, but there are different factors to consider during the purchasing process. If you make a good selection, though, you can expect to keep it around for many years to come. Your customers will enjoy countless road trips in a vehicle that is the right size and has the best features for them. As an RV dealer, here are some questions to ask potential customers who are looking to find the right RV for their lifestyle.

How Many Passengers Will You Be Carrying?

Ask the prospective RV owners the number of passengers they are expecting to carry. On some road trips, they may want to have only two or three close family members. On other trips, they may anticipate having several family members, a few friends, and a dozen other friends stopping by now and then.

The size of the RV is the most vital factor to consider when purchasing. An RV that is too small becomes uncomfortable and unbearable to live in, even if it contains every luxurious appliance. The first question to ask must involve the vehicle’s size.

What Appliances Do You Need?

Every RV needs to have appliances for the kitchen and bathroom. So, for your next question, ask what types of appliances the potential RV owners need to carry out daily tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, and doing the laundry. Common appliances found in homes include fridges, heaters, and microwaves. However, not every appliance found in a home needs to be included in an RV, so it’s essential to ask which ones are most important to your customer.

What Features Do You Want?

Third, ask about the features they want. There are hundreds of features found in modern RVs. Start by asking them if they have any specific features in mind. They may prefer to have curtains installed to separate each room instead of doors. They may also want specific sizes for their septic tanks or bathrooms.

Will You Be Towing the Vehicle?

Ask how the prospective owner wants to tow the recreational vehicle and choose the RV’s size based on the vehicle being used to tow it. Some small, compact cars are made to tow large RVs, but other cars have weight limits. For smaller cars, lighter RVs need to be chosen for towing purposes.

For many prospective buyers, purchasing an RV is a challenge that is similar to buying a home. Every RV dealer needs to teach each customer how to find the right RV, which starts by knowing the most important questions to ask each potential buyer. Some questions will be fairly obvious, while others will require some research.

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