Are you offering non-prime recreation loans to your customers with credit challenges? If not, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to increase sales and improve your bottom line.

According to a report from Prosperity Now, 56% of consumers have a low credit score that disqualifies them from prime interest rates and possibly financing altogether. The report also states that many Americans earning between $55,000 and $90,000 annually have less than three months savings set aside.

The reality is that many Americans are one disaster away from major financial struggles. Your customers with credit challenges may have already experienced one of these disasters in their own life. That’s why it’s important for your dealership to offer financing options that benefit people trying to build or improve their credit, especially if they’re recovering from harder times.


Medallion Bank is a national leader in providing boat loans, RV loans and horse/utility trailer loans to customers with past credit challenges. We work directly with dealerships to help close more deals and finance more customers. Medallion Bank brings unparalleled experience and stability to the non-prime lending market.

We know many of your potential customers have started rebuilding their credit history. But low credit scores often prevent them from qualifying for a loan on a discretionary purchase. Working with Medallion, you can provide an affordable payment option for many of your customers to help them purchase a boat, RV or horse/utility trailer as they rebuild their credit.

As a dealer, here are a few reasons to offer non-prime recreation loans:

  • Close more deals on customers with low credit scores
  • We can finance customers with previous bankruptcies, charge offs, collections, or judgements
  • Your participation is paid at funding
  • No hidden costs or fees for our recreation dealers
  • You get competitive terms and advance
  • Fast fundings to support dealer success
  • Non-prime recreation loans are non-recourse to you as a dealer


Our recreation lending program is for franchised marine dealers, RV dealers and horse/utility trailer dealers. We also work with approved Financial Service Providers. If you are a marine RV or horse/utility trailer dealer, please contact us today to maximize sales opportunities for your customers with past credit challenges.