It’s no secret that financing options have become the norm. In the past, people saved money for years in order to pay for the products or services they needed. Now with a marketplace filled with lenders and FinTech companies, normal Americans can make regular and affordable monthly payments for the same things.

Financial markets in the United States represented 7.5% (or $1.45 trillion) of U.S. gross domestic product. This high-growth sector translates into substantial economic activity and direct and indirect job creation, according to SelectUSA.

Contractors aren’t excluded from this financing craze. When your customers are preparing to make a home improvement, financing is usually the best option for their budget.


1. Customer Satisfaction

As a responsible lender, we care about our network of experienced contractors, but we also care about your customers. We want to make the financing process as understandable as possible for them by offering standard installment loans. Simple monthly payments will keep your customers satisfied, which means they’ll call you if they have any other home improvement needs.

2. Program Information

Like we mentioned, our core product is a standard installment loan, which features affordable monthly payments and competitive interest rates for prime credit customers. We also offer a variety of promotional loan options when you need to close a difficult sale, e.g., when your customer demands a financing special to buy from you..

We offer home improvement financing for a variety of jobs to suit your needs. For contractors that work on outdoor projects, we support window, siding, HVAC and roof replacements. We also help finance solar PV installations. If you have indoor projects, we offer solutions for kitchen, bath and basement remodels.

3. Qualifications

You probably understand the importance of having a qualifying process for your customers. You probably don’t just work with any random person you meet, and we work hard to do the same. Our hope is to appeal to experienced home improvement contractors who are dedicated to their customers.

In order to work with Medallion Bank, you must have been in business for a minimum of two years, have good credit, carry a positive BBB rating, and have at least $1 million in provable annual revenue.


1. Advanced Technology

We’ve created desktop and mobile-optimized websites to help you manage your financing pipeline. You can also use a mobile app to submit applications while you’re in the home of your customers. This means faster approvals and real-time estimates to keep your customers happy.

Upon loan approval, you can trigger electronic documents to be sent by email. However, if you prefer an in-person experience, you can call-in credit applications and get immediate answers from a real person (not a machine) and download loan documents as PDFs to facilitate the signing.

2. Business Growth

We want all of our contractors to succeed. That’s why we offer no-cost lending for prime credit customers. You should be rewarded for working hard and finding qualified customers. Also, the quick in-home approvals we discussed earlier can help you close more deals and increase sales. If you need a helping hand with anything, we have finance manager support available. Here are a few other benefits to consider when offering home improvement financing to your customers:

  • No contractor fees or costs for prime credit
  • Competitive interest rates on loan amounts up to $65,000
  • Low, affordable monthly payments to increase job sizes
  • Customer friendly terms with no prepayment penalties

Once your home improvement project is completed, you can have a completion certificate signed by your customer and delivered electronically, by fax or by email to initiate funding. Funding takes place by ACH directly into your account, usually with 24 hours. You don’t have to wait to receive the money you’ve earned through your hard work.

3. Customer Service

We understand that not every problem or question can be resolved online. You’ll have direct access to your Regional Sales Manager, underwriters, and processors to help with any concerns. Whether you need help with your financing strategy or explanation for a particular loan decision, we’re here to assist.

We’ve been around for a long time, and we provide a unique level of stability. We’re invested in your long-term success as a valued contractor of Medallion Bank. Sign up today to start enjoying the benefits and support of an experienced home improvement financing company.


Medallion Bank specializes in non-prime recreation loans and prime credit home improvement loans. Using over 15 years of professional lending experience, our team works directly with dealerships, contractors and financial service providers to offer quality financing for your customers (including those with past credit challenges). Want to put this blog to the test? Give us a call today and you’ll be able to talk with a real human that can answer your questions.