For many of us, our pets are just as much a part of the family as our siblings or children. If you consider your four-footed friends just as important as your two-footed relatives, consider some of the pet-friendly adaptations you can make to your home listed below.

Washing Stations

If you have a large or walk-in shower at your disposal, consider adding a permanent pet bathing station for your dog, cat, or other furry friends. These useful tubs will contain your pet while you clean them up with a hand-held shower. Many can also be built with adjustable legs for uneven surfaces. Just be sure to include a hair catching feature to avoid drain clogs and to make cleanup easier.

pet friendly homes renovations washing stations

Hidden, Built-in Food and Water Bowls

The best pet-friendly homes offer a simple spot for your pets to enjoy their food and water. Whether this is a pull-out tray close to the base of the cabinet or a small alcove, make sure to allow access to an outlet so you can plug in a recycling water fountain to keep your pet’s water cool, filtered, and fresh.

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Built-in Beds/Suites

If you’ve ever seen a dog sprawl across an air conditioning vent or watched a cat cuddle up on a throw blanket during cold weather, you know that they struggle with extreme temperatures. To keep your pets comfortable no matter the weather, a built-in bed with a warm, cozy cushion is a terrific option. It’s important to note that the genetic forefathers of our dogs lived in dens. Access to a dark, quiet space is comforting to your dog.

For cats that love to lie in a sunbeam, consider adding a window seat with a plush cushion or throw. Make sure to keep the blinds elevated so they can enjoy full sunshine, and keep an eye on what plants you leave within reach for the safety of your pet.

pet friendly homes renovations built in bed

Magnet Activated Pet Doors

Owners of pet-friendly homes know that easy access for your pets can mean that other critters may get through that dog door. Everything from the neighbor’s cat to a wild animal may be able to fit through the dog door. However, with a magnet-activated door, a simple clip on your dog’s collar will allow your dog in and out without giving access to any other animals. It’s a simple solution that will allow you greater peace of mind.

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