There are many perks associated with being a contractor, and foremost among them is the ability to set your own schedule. While this is typically considered an advantage, it does also mean that you must manage your own efficiency. Here are seven critical productivity tips to help you be your own boss with ease:

1. Schedule a Workday with Zero Meetings

You cannot overestimate the value of having an uninterrupted day strictly dedicated to focusing on projects and tasks. There is limitless merit to providing yourself with at least one open-ended time-frame of productivity per week. By assigning yourself a weekly allocation of hours dedicated to leftover tasks and chores, you can free up the majority of your time for collaborative undertakings.

2. Get Whatever You Want to Do Least Done First

There’s always one objective on the to-do list that fills us with a nagging dread. Because it is the least enjoyable element of our day, we tend to put it off endlessly. Unfortunately, this causes the unpleasant activity to loom over us like an unwanted reminder all day long. Its nagging presence can slow down your work because stalling can help you delay the less enjoyable tasks ahead. Therefore, to eliminate procrastination, it is wise to get the worst done first before tackling anything else.

3. Fuel Your Brain and Stay Hydrated

Nutritional health and water intake are vital for remaining focused throughout the day. A well-nourished mind is naturally more productive. You cannot underestimate the benefits of vitamins and supplements either. A properly balanced diet will stave off fatigue, thus enabling work that is undeterred by sluggishness or exhaustion.

4. Organize Your To-Do List in Order of Importance

Prioritize your to-do list to ensure success! Sometimes, we simply are not able to accomplish everything we need to get done in a single day, and that’s completely okay. To minimize this issue, smart workers make sure their chores are listed based on necessities and deadlines. The simple task of arranging tasks in this fashion can be illuminating because it will reveal what projects should truly take precedence.

5. Be More Proactive by Conducting Weekly Reviews

By allotting a time to conduct a recurring analysis of your progress, you can assess which methods yield the most results. Determining the strategies that function best will help you set new goals for the week ahead. With this approach, you can easily manage your development and success rate. Of all the productivity tips listed here, this one is the most instantaneously actionable, and the results will be noticeable in no time!

6. Get Acquainted with the Technology Tools Available

We live in the golden era of apps, but many workers haven’t received the memo yet. There are countless programs capable of exponentially boosting your output, and the best part is these downloads are usually free of charge. For starters, you should look into the life-changing power of automation software. Also, be sure to check out modern note-taking tools, enhanced scheduling applications, and detailed progress trackers.

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7. Don’t Agree to Meetings Without Setting a Detailed Agenda First

Everyone in the workplace can agree that nothing is worse than minutes being wasted in a meeting. Fortunately, this morale-sapping nuisance can be averted by preemptively detailing the agenda in advance. This method will prevent the gathering from consuming excessive time, and it will ensure that attendees are highly focused on addressing the pertinent matters at hand.

Implement these productivity tips today, and start seeing the results of your efforts even faster.