The recreation industry is experiencing an adjustment to its typical customer behavior. According to a 2018 North American Camping Report by KOA, more people are going camping. To be more precise, it was an increase of 6 million households since 2014, with the Midwest, Pacific Northwest and Southern regions of the U.S. leading the way. 

Changing Camping Trends

Now, this is great news! Obviously, if trends indicate more people are camping, they’ll likely invest in more recreation products. However… the way people camp is changing. Instead of taking extended vacations, consumers are opting for shorter trips, more often. 

The report indicated that those who camped three or more times per year increased from 9 percent of campers in 2014 to 64 percent in 2017. In fact, in 2017, 60 percent of campers camped less than seven days! 

Now, this may be due to millennials being unable to afford longer vacations, or because they haven’t accumulated enough vacation time. 

Challenges for Rental Companies

These changing behaviors could give RV dealerships a great opportunity. Traditionally, rental dealers have focused on renting units by the week or longer during peak earning season. However, now that consumers are choosing long weekends or short getaways… rental companies will need to pivot their models. 

But for dealerships selling recreation products, it’s a great time to illustrate the advantages of owning a unit. Instead of paying high prices for rentals, consumers can invest in their own personal RV. Then they would have the freedom to go on more short-term vacations. 

The key to successfully appealing to these customers is to offer them affordable financing options. If people are already investing their money into rentals, there’s a good chance they’d be willing to settle for their own vehicle for a monthly payment. 

Update Your Marketing

As these trends emerge, it’s critical for dealerships to update their marketing. Having strong data can certainly make this much easier. 

For instance, if consumers are taking shorter trips, start advertising quick getaways! Many times, the fun of these short trips is the spontaneity itself. But it’s hard to be spontaneous when you don’t own your own RV. That’s why it’s worth it to invest a small monthly payment to ensure you live life to the fullest. 

By offering financing, you can appeal to both logic and emotion. Dealerships will be able to help customers live their dreams while staying within their monthly budget. 

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