Depending on where your customers live and what materials are being used, a roof will typically last 15-30 years. So when it’s time for a customer to get a new roof, it’s probably more out of necessity than a desire

People tend to get more excited about a new kitchen remodel or an upgraded bathroom. But a new roof… can sometimes feel like something on a checklist. 

Advice to Roofing Contractors

Get into the habit of discussing financing from the very beginning of the sale with your customers. 

After you assess your customer’s roof, you’ll likely try to determine their budget. Understanding what they’re willing to pay for a new roof will certainly factor into your sales pitch. 

But imagine this scenario:

The customer told you they have a $17,000 budget. But you educate them about the advantages of financing throughout the entire sales process. You discuss with them a higher quality material for their roof, but it’ll cost them $20,000 instead. 

Spending $3,000 over the budget doesn’t seem like something they’d be interested in… until you tell them the payment would only be $240 per month. Now they feel like they can get great value out of their purchase, it’s over budget but still very affordable. 

Now, do you see the advantages of financing for roofing contractors? Not only will it help you close more sales, but it can also actually help you upsell your services as well. 

Why Medallion Bank?

Although there are a lot of benefits to working with Medallion Bank, we want to focus on just one: our high-touch service. 

Our team is dedicated to helping you succeed as a roofing contractor. When you call in with a question or concern, you get to talk with a real person educated in this business. With many other financing companies, you have to navigate through irritating automated phone responders only to reach an employee who can’t really help. 

But we put our customers first. As our top priority, we provide helpful tips and trainings to our roofing contractors to help them close more sales and grow their business. Our innovative technology also allows you to utilize a seamless process while you’re in the home of your customers. 

So, if you’re ready to start offering the best financing as a roofing contractor, sign up with us today!