An Updated Dealer & Contractor Experience

This Thursday, February 18, Medallion Bank’s visual brand will receive an update. While the change to our look will be universal, the Application Manager site is getting a more substantial makeover.

Application Manager is our website for dealers and contractors to submit loan applications, generate and sign loan documents, and initiate loan funding. It’s been a mainstay of the Bank’s offering to dealers and contractors and has steadily acquired features over the years. The first change we’re making is a simple one. The “Application Manager” name is being retired and the site will now be known as Medallion Bank Dealer & Contractor.  

One of the drawbacks to adding features regularly is a site can get a little complicated. To solve that problem, we went back to the drawing board and re-thought the entire website. So, in addition to the name change, the major practical changes to the Dealer & Contractor site will include: 


New Application Dashboard

  • Streamlined navigation at the top of the page and a cleaner layout
  • Quick filters for application phases, Recently Viewed or All
  • A new advanced search feature

Introduction of Application Process Phases, from initial Application through Stipulations, Documentation, and Funding

  • Clear information and navigation options with no orphan buttons or guesswork required. We’ve discarded what we called the “collection of functions” in favor of a streamlined process
  • Statuses and next actions needed – always know where each application stands
  • Notes display across all phases for quick reference
Dark Mode

New Visual Option: Dark Mode

  • Looks great!
  • Easy on the eyes (less strain)
  • Great for low light working conditions

As you might expect, there are many more changes in the Dealer & Contractor site, but users should adapt to them pretty easily. We hope you enjoy the updates. Please contact us with any questions or feedback.