The Benefits to Aligning your Business with a Recreational Finance Lender

Offering quality recreation financing for your customers comes with many benefits. However, as a recreation dealer, it is critical to work with a finance partner who is invested in your long-term success. The recreational finance lender you choose should provide your business with a lot of value from the get-go.

As a responsible non-prime recreation lender, Medallion Bank consistently helps recreation dealerships succeed. Our top priority is ensuring that both you and your customers are always in good hands. Here are a few things we offer at Medallion Bank to support our dealers.

Financing Credit-Challenged Customers

Times have been especially tough, and we understand that many individuals have been affected by past economic hardships, resulting in less than perfect credit. As a market leader in the non-prime lending space, we specialize in financing customers with this type of credit and allowing them the opportunity to purchase their ideal recreation product.

Our loan officers look at customer individually to provide you with the highest approval rate. With this process, Medallion Bank helps you to expand your target audience to people that have had credit challenges in the past and increase your revenue. Plus, with timely payments, customers can work toward improving their credit to qualify for prime credit loan offers in the future.

Fast, Friendly and Focused Service

Our team works hard to ensure that you experience white-glove treatment on every deal. When you call us, you will never be directed to talk to a robot. Instead, one of our real, live team members will help get you the answers you need. Our fast and easy application submission and quick funding turnaround time keep tight deadlines on track. Additionally, we work directly with thousands of RV, boat, and trailer dealerships, as well as financial service providers, to provide you with a heightened level of customer service.

Increased Earning Potential

Your earnings increase the more you use Medallion Bank, and these earnings come from multiple opportunities. A higher approval rate gets more deals done, and dealer incentives up to 4% are paid on every funded loan. Generous loan advances provide room to finance back-end products. Plus, by offering to finance non-prime customers when many competitors will not, you can gain loyal customers for life that will repurchase from you in the future.

A Reliable Recreational Finance Lender

Following through on lending best practices has helped Medallion Bank become a reliable source of funding for more than 15 years. With our fast, simple, and easy non-prime financing, we help recreation dealers close more sales and serve more buyers. Sign up as a new dealer today to start enjoying the benefits of working with Medallion Bank.


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1100 East 6600 South
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