Coronavirus Travel: Recreation Traveling Is Your Safest Option

RV travel has been the preferred choice of travel for many families and couples for decades, but it’s becoming increasingly more preferable in these days of the COVID-19 pandemic. (If you do travel in an RV, it is advised to continue social distancing efforts and avoid crowds.)

Coronavirus Travel

Airline flights and other forms of public transportation are being canceled to eliminate exposure to the virus, and many people’s dream vacation plans have been sabotaged at a moment’s notice. This is a cautionary measure and one that is necessary. Nevertheless, it’s a disappointment that you might not have to experience if you’re an owner of an RV.

No Need to Eat Out

Most restaurants are closed for the same reasons as above. Many RV owners are now opting to buy full-sized refrigerators in place of the smaller ones, giving them the convenience of packing large amounts of food for home-cooked meals throughout their excursions. It’s the safest way to ensure that food has been handled by as few people as possible.

No Need to Stay at Motels

No matter how well sanitized, germs such as those transmitted with COVID-19 are bound to be some of the uninvited guests in any motel or hotel. Hotel staff may change the linens, but they aren’t changing out a mattress in beds where prior occupants may have sneezed or coughed throughout the night. Knowing that you have your own bed can not only protect you from these insidious germs, but it can give you a more restful sleep, assured you are not exposed to them.

No Need for Public Restrooms

Whether there is a pandemic or not, avoiding public restrooms is the best bet for staying clear of all kinds of viruses and bacteria. Certainly, in the case of the coronavirus travel concerns, it is among the top considerations. Some of these restrooms have automated hand dryers. You may think you’ve just washed your hands of germs, but you may even be adding more dangerous germs while drying your hands. During this pandemic, it’s especially critical because fecal matter is a major transmitter of the virus. 

As you can see, RV travel is likely the safest way to isolate yourself and your family during these critical weeks and months ahead if you must travel. The government has made predictions that this pandemic may last up to 18 months, so it is a good idea to have a backup option for any necessary upcoming travel.