Most everyone can agree that purchasing a boat, similar to purchasing a car or a house, is an important decision that should not be hastily made. Quality overrides quantity. When customers approach you with an intention to purchase a boat, they are looking for a quality product that will meet their various needs. It is vital to understand each of your customers’ unique needs and perspectives.

Here are the key factors that many customers often consider when they are looking into buying a boat:

  1. Primary Purpose of the Boat

Different types of boats have different uses. As a boat contractor, ensure that you understand the objective for which the customer seeks to purchase a boat. It could be for cruising, fishing, water sports, or for residential purposes amongst others (note that we don’t finance boat purchases for residential purposes, though!). The customer’s objective for purchasing a boat should be aligned to the makeup of the boat.

  1. Size of the Boat

Having established the primary purpose of a boat for your customer will help you in comprehending the right size of boat for your customer. For instance, if the objective for purchasing a boat is for extended family cruising trips, the more people a boat must house, the bigger it shall be. However, it is necessary for you to inform the customer that bigger boats should only be operated by experienced individuals, for safety and management reasons.

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  1. Features and Ease-of-Use

The features of a boat are designed to complement its primary use. For instance, if the customer’s objective for buying a boat is for purposes of cruising, the most suitable boat is one with facilities such as a galley, sleeping quarters, and any other comforts that one deems necessary, especially while on long trips. If one’s objective for purchasing a boat is for purposes of water sports such as tubing and water skiing, the boat’s physical appearance should be sleek. Additionally, such boats should possess a maneuverability feature for towing.

It is also important to find a boat for a purchaser that is completely functional for the consumer. Essentially, this means that the consumer can use the product as soon as it leaves the station. Let the customer go for a test ride on the boat and get a chance to feel comfortable in the boat. This is a way to ensure that the customer builds trust with you as the seller, by establishing the worthiness of your product.

  1. Price

Cost is an essential factor that makes (or breaks) the deal. Be sure to stick to your customer’s budget. With the customer having an opportunity to test drive the boat and feel more comfortable on board, you will be more likely to secure a contract at the full asking price. However, where cost as a factor seems to pose an issue, you as the seller have the option of constructing a payment plan with your customer that favors both parties.

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In conclusion, it’s important to maintain high-quality services for a customer looking to find a boat in all stages of the sale: before, during, and after the purchase of the boat.