The banking industry has done pretty well in the decade since the Great Recession. Many who survived the downturn were able to bounce back stronger than ever. However, McKinsey & Company had some pretty strong warnings in its latest global banking outlook. 

The consulting company claimed that more than half of the world’s banks are at risk of collapse in the next global downturn if they don’t start preparing for late-cycle shocks. 

Now… you’d think banks would learn from the past, right? While we can’t speak for other banks, we can say that Medallion Bank has always been prepared. As a 15-year-old company, we’ve survived the hardest of times – the Great Recession – and thrived during a healthy economy. 

Finding the Right Lending Partner

Regardless of how successful a bad actor can be in the short term, we always remain focused on ethical lending practices. Because ethical business never goes out of favor, this gives our dealers and contractors the stability and reliability they deserve. Here are a few reasons to trust working with Medallion Bank as your primary lender:

  • The marketplace is always changing. But working with a portfolio lender focused on enduring value will provide you with peace of mind. 
  • History tends to repeat itself if you’re not paying attention. That’s why we avoid taking excessive risks and keep an eye on historical data. 
  • When competition increases, lenders will engage in a race to the bottom…for rates, credit risk, operating risk, etc., to keep up with competitors. This inevitably leads to lenders taking big risks without truly understanding the lasting consequences. 
  • Like we mentioned earlier, our lending model has proven successful during both healthy economies and recessions. So you can be sure we’ll be here to support your needs, regardless of the economic situation. 

A Long-term Financing Strategy

“A decade on from the global financial crisis, signs that the banking industry has entered the late phase of the economic cycle are clear: growth in volumes and top-line revenues are slowing, with loan growth of just 4% in 2018–the lowest in the past five years and a good 150 basis points (bps) below nominal GDP growth. Yield curves are also flattening. And, although valuations fluctuate, investor confidence in banks is weakening once again,” McKinsey said in its report titled The Last Pit Stop? Time for Bold Late-cycle Moves

At this point in time, you can’t afford not to work with a trustworthy and prepared lender. 

Moving Toward Technology

The evolution of fintech companies has helped the finance industry make big (and necessary) changes. We understood the need for technology as this boom was happening and invested in our own evolution for the long term. 

Why Banks Partner with Fintech Companies

Our mobile app makes it easier for dealers and contractors to submit applications and close deals. According to McKinsey, embracing mobile is a necessary step for traditional banks that want to succeed in the future. 

For us… it was never about surviving economic ups and downs. It was always about providing great experiences for our dealers and contractors over the long haul.

Are you ready to work with a reliable lender? Sign up as a New Dealer or New Contractor today to give you the peace of mind you deserve.