Helping Dealers Understand Non-Prime Recreation Lending

When it comes to lending to customers with non-prime credit, some recreation dealers aren’t sure how to approach the topic. In fact, many dealerships simply avoid offering financing options at all to these customers. However, this can lead to fewer customers in the short term and an undesirable reputation in the long run. That’s why we’re here to help clear up some of the confusion around non-prime recreation lending.

It All Starts with Credit

Recreational vehicles are great resources for individuals and families hoping to fill their lives with grand adventures. Just like when people search for a car, their preferences for recreational vehicles can vary on the style, design, amenities, and, of course, price. Similar to the auto industry, many of these customers will need to take out a loan to make such a large purchase.

When recreation dealers ignore the portion of the public that has less than perfect credit, they miss out on huge opportunities. Lenders like Medallion Bank understand the big picture when it comes to financing, which is why they offer non-prime recreation lending to dealerships.

Leveraging over 20 years of expertise in this industry, our team reviews the credit history of every customer to determine patterns of behavior, instead of just looking at a credit score. This history often tells a story regarding how customers are working to correct mistakes they’ve made in the past, with reliable performances since that time. Making recreation vehicle purchases may be another step in their credit repair journey.

Benefits of Working with Medallion Bank

Not only might you be able to sell more recreational vehicles to the non-prime market by using Medallion Bank, but you might also enjoy a lasting relationship with us.

The more you use Medallion Bank, the more you can earn. Whether it’s approvals you wouldn’t get otherwise, generous incentives, or customers for life that come to visit again and again, you can earn more with Medallion Bank. Our Recreation Lending program is a market leader in the non-prime lending space. We often finance credit-challenged customers whom other lenders won’t. People have unexpected events in their lives, and we specialize in financing fun when those events are in the past. You will never talk to a robot with Medallion Bank. Every time you call with a question or concern, you’ll be directed to a real person who can help resolve it. With fast, friendly, and focused service, we strive to help your business succeed.


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