How Home Improvement Contractors Can Thrive in a Remote World

With so many things moving to a remote environment, it’s important to adapt. Obviously, when it comes to manual labor, home improvement contractors can’t install a roof virtually. But there are still many things contractors can do to make the customer experience as smooth as possible.

Conduct Virtual Consultations

With many businesses turning to technology to support their day-to-day operations, the public has become acclimated to virtual communication. Home improvement contractors can still connect with homeowners to discuss potential projects.

Platforms such as Calendly make it easy for potential customers to go in online and schedule a day and time that works for both of your schedules. From there, both parties can use tools like Zoom to join a call and conduct a virtual consultation. By avoiding in-person interactions as much as possible, you protect the public while still developing your business.

Many people have grown to enjoy the convenience of working and having meetings from the comfort of their own home. As you remove potential barriers such as safety concerns or government restrictions, you can continue to thrive as a home improvement contractor.

Over Communicate

With the limitations of in-person communication, it’s critical to over-communicate. A lot of information can be lost through online channels like email and text. So consistent, digestible content is critical to help the consumer prepare to make a home improvement decision. Create content that will help them through their buyer’s journey, such as:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Pricing and Benefits Sheets
  • Case Studies, Testimonials, or Project Galleries
  • Financing Options

When you consistently offer this information, even before they ask for it, you increase your chances of success.

Offer Financing

During a time of uncertainty, big-ticket purchases are likely to make people even more nervous. The budgets that homeowners may have for improvements can vary widely based on the project. A garage, for example, is a popular improvement that can yield positive returns. According to Remodeling Costs, the average budget for a single garage should be $10,000 to $12,000, while the budget for a double garage should be about $30,000. These figures demonstrate the need for available financing options. 

The availability of financing can have a significant impact on home improvement sales. Using the example above, many owners may not want to part with $30,000 at one time. Those same owners may, however, not have much of an issue paying a few hundred dollars per month towards the loan balance. Financing allows everyone to be happy: the owner gets the desired improvement, and the contractor is paid in full upon project completion. The ability to offer financing to customers may also set your firm apart from the competition, allowing for more sales. 

With a variety of home improvement contractor financing options, Medallion Bank likely has an affordable solution for your potential customers. The Bank’s most popular product is an installment loan that comes with competitive interest rates and low monthly payments. There is also no cost to the contractor for such financing. Other promotional loan options also may be utilized that may help contractors close the most challenging of clients.