Home Improvement Financing has been around for decades, but the process is always changing. With so much technology available in today’s world, it has become a rat race to see which lender can achieve the next big breakthrough first, then a race for everyone else to catch up.


The latest initiatives in home improvement financing has been to get mobile apps into the hands of contractor salespeople. Some lenders are quick to pull the trigger, so they can get something to the market early, while others methodically design each and every feature of their application prior to launch.
So where does Medallion Bank fall? I would say that we fall closer to the second category. We never claimed to be the quickest with technology, but we understand the importance of quality work. Instead of rushing to complete a basic system, we’d rather launch something that’s 100% customized to what we do.


Of course, it’s easy to purchase ready-built apps that get tweaked and configured to look like your own, but that’s not the direction we wanted to go. We strive to provide a mobile app that’s exactly what every home improvement sales rep wants and will diligently work to keep it that way as needs and preferences change.
If you ask a handful of sales reps what they need in a mobile app, they are going to say:
  • Fast
  • Easy to Use, and
  • A One-Stop Close


Well, guess what? We’ve got all your needs covered! By focusing on building a quality home improvement financing mobile app, we made it possible for our contractors to:
  • Submit an application
  • Get it approved, often instantly
  • Satisfy stipulations if there are any, and
  • Send loan documents for signatures, all in an easy-to-use package.
Sound like something that your sales team would love? Give us a call at 888-833-8570 to speak to one of our dedicated sales reps today to get set up!