How to Help Clients Support Your Home Improvement Business

For any business, one of the biggest challenges is likely that of bringing on new clients. However, bringing on a new client is only half the battle. To stay successful in the long term, securing a high client retainment rate is critical. Retaining your clients is a reliable way to know that they are satisfied with your services, and when customer satisfaction is high, word-of-mouth advertising likely follows. As a contractor, you must find ways to make it easy for your clients to support your home improvement business. Thankfully, there are a variety of ways you can do this.

Develop an Online Profile

In today’s digital world, online reviews play a considerable role in the consumer decision-making process. There is truly little information that the average consumer cannot find online, so lacking a robust online presence can be damaging to your home improvement business. In addition, it is easy for potential clients to find reviews from your past customers’ experiences.

Take the time to look over the typical review and social sites, such as your Google My Business listing, Yelp, and Facebook, and learn what your clients are saying about you. If it is all positive feedback, that’s great news. However, if there’s a negative commonality in your reviews, try to make a game plan to improve. And if there are not many reviews, encourage your clients to leave positive, but truthful, feedback online. The information available online has a giant impact on the success of your business.

Draw Attention to Promotions

All of us love to stumble upon a great sale. In fact, a deal can give many potential customers the extra motivation they need to reach out for a consultation. Don’t miss out on capitalizing on every person’s natural temptation to a good deal. Start by choosing your sale days thoughtfully. For instance, offer competitive rates for your services based on certain holidays or seasons. Seasonal projects in home improvement mean that certain deals are more appealing to customers during specific times of the year.

Offer Financing

Most home improvement contractors are highly familiar with the concept of sticker shock. Many homeowners either need a vital upgrade for their home or want to actualize their dream home improvement project, yet they neglect to thoroughly research the cost. And when the price you quote is higher than expected, their plans may quickly change. In one scenario, it might mean that they’ll turn to a competitor offering a lower-quality service for a lower cost. In another, they might decide to put off an essential upgrade entirely. Obviously, neither scenario is advisable.

To stop this from occurring, you must have the right tools in hand to alleviate the effects of sticker shock. Offering a quality financing option will allow your potential client to pay for their project over time in the form of affordable installments. When the price becomes more digestible, it lets your client focus on the importance of the project that they desperately want or need.

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