Before you can sell recreational vehicles, you’ll need a lending partner to provide your customers with affordable payment options. When recreation lenders are preparing to provide a loan, they look up your customer’s credit history. The most commonly used credit scoring models have a range of 300 to 850, but every recreation lender has its own set of standards for what qualifies as a ‘good’ score.

With that understanding, here are broad definitions of credit score ranges when it comes to RV dealer financing and consumer finance in general:

  • 300-550: Deep subprime (bad credit)
  • 551-660: Subprime (below average credit)
  • 661-780: Prime (average-good credit)
  • 781-850: Super prime (excellent credit)

Now keep in mind that these ranges are not set in stone. Every person is unique with their financial history, and Medallion Bank always takes a variety of factors into consideration before lending.

Looking up a credit score is only the first step to determine if your customers qualify for a recreation loan. The score simply represents your customer’s reported credit history, which is an indicator of the likelihood that they’ll repay their recreation loan. However, a person could theoretically be deep in debt but have a great credit score if they pay all their bills on time. That’s when income and other debts may factor into some recreation lending decisions (what they owe vs. what they earn and assets they have).

Providing to every RV dealer financing options for their customers is part of our mission at Medallion Bank. We see your customers as more than just a score. We work directly with dealerships and financial service providers to offer quality recreation financing for your customers, including those with past credit challenges.


Many recreation lenders will avoid doing business with customers who have subprime credit. This obviously limits the effectiveness of traditional RV dealer financing options. These lenders aren’t willing to take the risk of RV buyers potentially defaulting on their payments.

We recognize that not all people who need loans will have perfect credit scores. Our approval process is fast and easy, making it easier for you to sell more recreational vehicles and increase your revenue. When you work with Medallion Bank, you avoid the risk of customers not paying, which will allow you to focus on selling more products.

Instead of only being able to sell products to prime customers, you can expand your target audience to people that have had credit challenges in the past. In addition to more customers, our online system is a convenient and easy way to submit and manage applications, clear stipulations, and generate pre-filled PDF loan documents/contracts for approved applications.


We understand there are a lot of different types of recreational vehicles, from standard RVs to boats and powersport vehicles. Knowing whether a company can finance all your recreation products is an important first step to finding a reliable recreation lender.



For those that are intimidated by the size of the Class A vehicles, these camper vans are much easier to drive and maneuver. Although the interior space is smaller, it’s perfect for couples or millennials. Make sure to read why it’s important as an RV dealer to offer financing to the millennial


In many ways, this is the compromise between Class A and B. These recreational vehicles offer more living space than the Class B vehicles while still providing many amenities from the Class A.

Campers/Towable RVs:


Travel trailers can be highly customized to your customer’s needs. When customers learn about your RV dealer financing options, you’ll be able to close these types of deals. Especially since these recreational vehicles can be towed with any truck, van or SUV that is rated to handle the weight capacity.


This type of recreational vehicle may offer the best maneuverability and off-roading capabilities. This is an inexpensive option for customers looking for a simple camping solution and lower monthly payments.


These trailers are ideal for the occasional camper. They are inexpensive, easy to tow and maneuver, and can make camping a more comfortable experience.



Power sport fanatics may require this trailer to accommodate their outdoor enthusiasm. It basically becomes a portable garage with space for their toys, tools, and storage needs.


This one is pretty self-explanatory, it’s simply a necessity for transporting large animals. Offering financing to your RV dealership customers will help you increase sales for products like this.



This typically applies to boats that are 15 feet and larger and outboard engines (repower). When it comes to financing these products, we follow the guidelines listed in the NADA Appraisal Guide.


ATVs and utility/cargo trailers usually go hand-in-hand. ATVs give thrill-seekers the perfect vehicle for their hobbies.

The Medallion Bank recreation lending team has provided RV dealer financing programs for the past 15 years, with support and solutions to help you increase sales. This level of experience has elevated us as the leading subprime recreation lender in the nation. Sign up today to start selling more RVs, marine products, trailers, and powersport vehicles.