Something old, something new: a fresh look for Medallion Bank

In 2003, when Medallion Bank was granted its banking charter, we had a logo designed for us that was similar to our parent company’s logo. In the process, we selected two colors as our palette: gold and white. For more than 17 years, those were our brand standards, and they served us adequately, though there was little inspiring about them. Logos and colors become recognizable, of course, even if they don’t say anything about you.

But on February 18, we’re updating all of it.  

Medallion Bank is no longer an unknown startup with a little-known Industrial Bank charter. We are recognized in multiple markets, and have a reputation for niche financing accompanied by stellar service delivered by everyday folks, not stuffy bankers. We’re also increasingly technology-oriented, which is reflected both in our product offerings and our growing fintech partnerships business. All of that requires a look to match. We think we’ve hit the nail on the head, and are thrilled to share it with you.

On February 18, no matter how you access Medallion Bank, we will look a bit different. You’ll notice changes like:

  1. The website will have a fresh look but will function largely like it does today.
  2. Our Application Manager site will be renamed Medallion Bank Dealer & Contractor, and will have a completely updated design and user experience. (More details about these changes will follow prior to February 18.)
  3. The Home Improvement mobile app will adopt the new logo and color scheme.

This is an exciting transition for us and we believe the new branding represents us better than the good ‘ol gold and white seal. But as we put one visual brand to pasture and introduce another, know that we are still Medallion Bank and remain focused on everything that drives our dealers and contractors to choose us. We hope you like the new look!