Summer Home Improvement Projects to Pitch to Your Clients

Home improvements are conducted year-round, but one season rises above the others in terms of popularity for beginning a new project. Summer is by far the most popular season for homeowners to invest in upgrades. And for many homeowners, the challenge is not coming up with home improvement ideas but instead narrowing down their long list of ideas and deciding which project would be most valuable for their home.

There are a lot of factors for homeowners to consider when deciding between multiple home improvement projects. Wanted vs needed upgrades, the total project cost, and how the project impacts the resale value of the home are just a few examples. With these factors in mind, here are the top picks for summer home improvement projects to pitch to your clients this year.

Upgrading Windows and Doors

Older doors and windows in a home become cracked and warped over time. And for those living in a hot climate, keeping their home cool during the summer can seem impossible when faulty doors and windows are a factor. Plus, damaged doors and windows negatively impact the visual aesthetic of a home. Newer doors and windows on the market today are constructed with better standards for energy efficiency, which helps homeowners save money on energy bills. Not to mention the benefit of staying cool in the summer heat!

Adding Insulation and Caulking

One of the summer home improvement projects with the greatest ROI potential is adding insulation and caulking to a home. A drafty home is likely to have air leaks, especially in the basement and the attic. And if there isn’t adequate insulation in the walls of a home, cool air from an air-conditioner is less effective. Sealing up leaks by caulking around windows and baseboards also helps keep cool air inside, making the home more energy-efficient.

Investing in a New HVAC System

Weather is unpredictable year-round. Summer can be uncomfortably warm, and winter may result in harsh, frigid conditions. As such, every homeowner counts on their HVAC systems to keep them comfortable in their homes. As air ducts age, they are more likely to release energy and become less energy-efficient. For this reason, many homeowners can benefit from an HVAC replacement or tune-up when temperatures start rising.

Have you identified a common theme among the projects recommended above? Many of the best summer home improvement projects involve making a home more energy-efficient. An energy-efficient home not only supports the movement to go green; it also saves homeowners a significant amount of money in utility costs over time, and it raises the resale value of their home.

Home Improvement Financing for Contractors

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