I recently read an article in The Huffington Post that got me thinking about all that unused vacation time I have sitting around. The article suggests that “about 40 percent of Americans don’t plan on using all of their time off.” If I am being completely honest with you, I am one of those people.


I tend to avoid taking time off until I am forced to, or it’s about to expire at the end of the year. My reasons are not unlike those listed in the article. Most of the time, I feel like my workload is too full to sneak out of the office for a few days. But when I actually outline my responsibilities and help available, most (if not all) of it can be covered. Is that the same for you?


Now that we’ve established that we can take the time off, let’s discuss why it is important for us to do so. First of all, it doesn’t matter how strong your work ethic is. Everyone gets burnt out sooner or later when they don’t take some time to recharge the batteries. Think about the last holiday weekend you had. Did that extra day off do anything for your energy level when you returned to work? It certainly did for me! That same effect occurs when we take our vacation time. You need a break from the routine to clear your head, so you can come back stronger and more focused.
The article goes on to say that “when your brain is completely relaxed, it’s still working on improving the skills you have learned.” So not only are you letting your body recharge, but your brain is reaping the benefits as well. Win-win!
After reading that article and putting it in black-and-white for myself, I think it’s time to schedule that time off. From one worker bee to the next, take your vacation time, you’ve earned it!