What is the ideal contractor? There may be conflicting ideas depending on who you ask. A homeowner may have certain ideas of what constitutes “ideal”; they might care most about price and a quick turn-around time. A contractor may value reputation and integrity when evaluating their peers (and themselves!). As a lending partner for contractors, we have our own thoughts on what is “ideal”.

We want to work with people committed to sound business practices, since our partners are a reflection of our own company. Because of this connection, we care about who we sign up. Here are a few values that are important to us.

Open Communication & Transparency

One of the hallmarks of any person we want to work with is transparency. During our communications, we want our contractors to be open, honest, and transparent—just like us.

Value Consumer Protection

We always care about balancing contractor needs with protecting the consumer. Part of building a successful, long-term business is satisfying customers and encouraging repeat business. We make sure that our lending only helps that process, rather than hindering it.

Working to Build Profitability

While our contractors don’t have to be enormous corporations when they sign up, we want to help build long-term profitability for contractors. If long-term profitability is not a priority for the contractor, we may not be the best fit.

Basically, our ideal contractor is a group of hard-working individuals striving to build their business the right way. How do you see your ideal contractor?