The Millennial Influence on Camper Culture

For those between the ages of 25 to 40, many things may come to mind when camping is mentioned. The thought of camping is stress-relieving; camping consists of spending a day or two (or longer) in the great outdoors. All you need to bring with you are personal effects, food, and a form of shelter. For many, an RV is the more comfortable and preferred option over a classic tent.

Research shows that there has been a steady increase in the sale of recreational vehicles over the past decade. It is also undeniable that there has been a rise in the number of new campers annually. What could be the cause of this increase? Well, millennials have an enormous influence on this change and camper culture in general.

Big Travel Dreams

Millennials make up 38% of all campers, and they are consistently the generation with the highest percentage of first-time campers. Not only are they boosting sales, but they are also changing the current trends of RVs. Recreational vehicle dealerships are now investing in smaller and more efficient RVs to suit the needs of young and modern families.

Camper culture is still very prominent in current society. Millennials have discovered the joy of camping, and they are exploring their dreams of spending their nights under the stars. With camping, this generation finds an escape route from their daily, hectic routine. Additionally, the increased offerings in work-from-home careers allow millennials to travel more frequently and spontaneously.

Mobile Marketing

97% of campers carry their phones and cameras with them when going on camping trips. 27% of millennial campers find it necessary to share their camping experiences on social media. Staying connected to social media is a high priority for this generation. Although using social media and technology may be distracting while camping, millennials like to capture the best moments for remembrance.

Many people today first become aware of new products and services via their smartphones and social media. Influencers bring attention to different types of lifestyles and new brands. By sharing their camping trips with their followers, millennials contribute to the rise in the number of people interested in camping and purchasing an RV.

More Frequent Trips

Millennials make up over 31% of the population, and their percentage of the adult population continues to grow. As a result, the average ownership age of RVs is reducing. Additionally, this age group has also influenced the trend of taking shorter trips, more often, rather than one long trip per year. Before work-from-home was widespread, this could be a result of millennials not accumulating enough vacation time. However, many millennials also enjoy traveling to more destinations over shorter trips, versus only one for a longer amount of time.

Healthy Living

Healthy living is a critical component of camper culture. Most campers view camping as an enjoyable way of practicing physical activities, such as walking, hiking, and biking, among others. Millennials are one of the most active generations, and they are always looking for new ways to spice up their workout routines. Rather than being limited to their hometown gym, an RV allows people to travel across the country, see nature, and exercise in the fresh air.

Non-Prime Recreation Loans

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