Product Release: v1.1812.0300 for Apple and v1.1812.0301 for Android


We will always work to ensure you have the best mobile app user experience. These product releases will keep you up-to-date on all recently added features and bug fixes. You can find all our product releases here if you’ve missed any updates.

Applicant/Co-applicant email editing by Channel roles
  • All contractor roles will be able to edit the email address on the Advanced Edit page (for tablets) and Contact Information page when selecting Edit Application from the Application Status
  • Upon updating the email address, and either proceeding to the bottom of the page on Advanced Edit or paging through the remaining pages on the phone view, click “Submit New Information” and you should be taken back to the Loan Status page where a message will appear in green “New information successfully submitted.”
Approval Expiration to reflect accurately on the mobile app

You will now be able to see the date the approval will expire in the mobile app. Here are some of the features you can expect with this update:

  • The approval expiration date will display for all Approved applications
  • You can see the expiration date on the Application Listing and View/Edit Application pages
  • Your approval is good for 120 days for Home Improvement loans and 45 days for Recreation loans, and should we pull a new credit bureau, the time frame will reset for another 120 days for Home Improvement and 45 days for Recreation
  • A Re-Approval will result in a new Applicant credit history being accessed, which will trigger a reset of the Approval Expiration date. An update of loan terms will not change the approval expiration date.
Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is now available on the mobile app with iOS devices that offer this feature.

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