Product Release: v1.18010.1100 for Apple and v1.18010.1101 for Android


We will always work to ensure you have the best mobile app user experience. These product releases will keep you up-to-date on all recently added features and bug fixes. You can find all our product releases here if you’ve missed any updates.

As we were testing the mobile app, we identified and fixed a bug:

  • An error message will now display if there are any issues with the address lines. The message will provide additional instructions to ensure the correct formatting is entered.

We also enhanced our mobile app with a new feature:

  • You will now be offered the option to use fingerprint scanning instead of entering the password at login. We know you probably have a lot of passwords to remember, so we want to keep it simple for you. This functionality will be available for both Apple and Android devices.

Have you noticed any problems with the mobile app? Or do you have any suggestions to enhance your user experience? We want to hear it! Please submit your suggestions through our feedback form.