It is important for RV dealers to keep up to date on the newest features in RV interior design that are trending in the market today. Having this advantage and the means to help your customers finance those purchases keeps your customers happy and your business growing. Let’s consider today‚Äôs most coveted RV features in greater detail below.

#1: Massage Heated Theater Seating

There is nothing quite like the comforts of home when you are on the road. More and more customers are sold on the idea of having high-quality theater armchairs. When you up the ante with heated seats that provide a massage, it is hard for RV owners to pass up the multifunction units. A lot of stress can build up in the back muscles when RV owners take long strides between destinations. Sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying a heated massage is just what the doctor ordered.

#2: Furrion Stoves

One of the hardest things to generate in an RV is adequate heat from a sub-par stove. The Furrion stove design outputs a solid 6,500 to 8,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units) on the burners and up to 7,100 BTUs in the oven. This allows you to quickly boil a pot of water for pasta or to bake pies, limiting the risk of sticky pasta or doughy crusts. The die-cast grille is also built for durability. And one of the prime features that many customers covet is the rattle-free design that makes it easy to transport without becoming an acoustic instrument for road vibrations.

#3: OneControl RV Systems

Another luxury that is slowly topping the charts is the OneControl touchpad and app software that centralizes access to all the accessories in an RV. RV owners love the ability to lower awnings, activate generators, level their RV, monitor tank levels, and control HVAC from one central unit. In addition, they can also slide out multiple awnings, stabilizers, and landing gear to set up and pull out quickly. Owners can also control lighting and door locks, among other features.

#4: Rock Climbing Wall

rv interior design rock climbing wall

Kids just love to climb. When you provide some alternative methods of accessing bunk bed units, this is a great way to burn out some of their energy and challenge them. You can very easily install these features into just about any RV to have your kids, literally, climbing the walls instead of you. These plastic foot and finger supports are specially designed for just enough grip.

#5: Residential Refrigerator

One of the chores for any RV owner is to go shopping and restock the fridge when they are hooked up at a trailer site. For this reason, more and more RV owners are swapping out their compact RV mini-fridges for full-sized residential refrigerators. These refrigerators allow them to comfortably park for a week without having to restock the fridge. This allows RV owners to spend time enjoying their trip instead of running around to shop every few hours.

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There are so many popular RV interior design upgrades trending in the RV world. These are just a few ideas that you can pitch to prospective customers for a sale. In any case, it is important to stay up to date with the latest trends to offer consumers what they really want.