If you’re in the business of selling dreams, whether they’re dream kitchens or a dream vacation vehicle like a boat or an RV, lack of access to ready cash will limit the ability of your customers to commit. Being able to allow easy payment options at your point of sale can also increase the likelihood that customers will refer their friends and family to you.

No Outside Financing

When you offer easy access to the funds to purchase a home renovation or recreational vehicle, your customers know that you have put tools in place to make their lives easier. They don’t have to go to the bank, check out equity loans, or seek financing for their next goal because you offer a complete package.

Today’s adults are insanely busy. Many demographics are struggling both to raise children and care for their aging parents. If they decide to invest in their home, an RV, or a boat, they probably would prefer to avoid coordinating a loan for the whole process. Thanks to the fact that you can easily help them apply for the financing, you just saved them time and worry. That’s certainly worth sharing!

Do you fully understand your customer’s credit scores?

It’s About Respect

You know what you’re doing in your business. By providing your customers with quick and easy funding options, you offer the client the respect of knowing that they are able and willing to make the payments for their next major purchase. You are valuing their time and their interests by helping them to focus on the purchase and not worry about the financing. You, in essence, are providing two great services.

Word of Mouth

A new kitchen gets your customers excited and a new RV may get the whole neighborhood talking. By combining convenient access to a successful funding process and a great product or renovation service, you have the chance to send your client referral rate through the roof.


In addition, the ability to apply for financing before the sales contract is signed enables you to make sure that your prospective customer is financially ready for this investment. No matter how eager they are for you to get started on their house or how excited they are about that new boat or RV, they may not qualify for the purchase. Your business efficiencies will be greatly improved by your ability to weed out prospects who just aren’t prepared for this purchase at this time.

More importantly, you can easily stay in touch with them so that when their financial picture looks a bit better, you can get busy working together!

Are you effectively using financing as a selling tool to grow your business?

Final Thoughts

You have the chance to close business with the client by offering financing on the spot. This simplifies the entire process for your client and your business. When the transaction is complete, make sure to ask your customer to share their experience to increase positive referrals and your referral rate, too.