Economic feast

Economic Feast and Famine

When the economy inevitably slows down, it’s important to have confidence in a reliable lending partner. Companies come and go, so how can you identify a lending partner you can trust to be there when times are tough?


Think of the financial market in terms of feast and famine. When the economy is doing well and providing opportunities for businesses and individuals, it creates a “feast”. But on the other hand, when the market slows down, it creates a “famine”. Many Fintech companies (and even some banks new to our industries) have only ever experienced the feast, and therefore haven’t been preparing as well for an eventual famine.
However, Medallion Bank has been around for more than 15 years and has seen both feast and famine. Rather than indulging in the feast, we understand the importance of putting extra away for the times of famine. This means we can continually take care of our customers and partners, while other companies abandon them in pursuit of their own survival.
Here are three reasons why Medallion Bank can provide stability and peace of mind during good times and bad:


The most important attribute to value in a lending partner, is trust. When you develop a relationship with a portfolio lender, you should be able to trust that your business will benefit from a long-term value orientation (regardless of the changing marketplace). Many lenders see competitors offering low rates and follow suit, taking risks without anticipating the lasting consequences.
We avoid taking excessive risk and we don’t ignore historical data. Our lending model has proven successful during both the feasts and the famines. As a home improvement contractor or recreation dealer, your positive reputation is highly valued and prioritized at Medallion Bank.
When the economic famine comes, many of the lenders that took high risks for a quick pop to growth or earnings will fall on hard times. Which means if you partner with them, it could damage your current customer relationships and brand reputation.


Focusing on our customers’ needs goes hand-in-hand with being a responsible lender. We want our contractors and dealers to grow and thrive, regardless of the health of the marketplace.
Achieving the goal of customer-centricity means we are always available if you have questions. Have you ever been forced to use an automated phone system to try and get an answer to your questions? It can be extremely tedious and frustrating. When you call in to Medallion Bank, you’ll get to speak directly with a representative (a.k.a. a real human).

     3. HIGH-TECH

We understand that technology is more of a necessity than a luxury these days. In truth, that’s why many Fintech companies have been so successful during the feast. Providing a positive user experience to contractors, dealers and your customers is one our highest priorities.
We’ve developed a mobile app for our contractors and created an online portal to make it easier to submit applications for our dealers. By streamlining the process, everyone has a positive experience. This is one of the many contributing factors to increasing revenue and closing more deals.

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